Singapore新加坡 North Indian Restaurant餐厅 275 M², 100 seats75 M², 100座位 Interior Design室内设计 2004

The design of Vansh is a direct response to the restaurant’s innovative food concept that integrates North Indian tandoor roasted foods with teppanyaki and tapas-inspired dishes. The design distils the essence of Indian forms and fuses it with the drama and excitement of a modern urban restaurant where people gather to dine, relax, enjoy and recharge their senses.

Despite serving food of fusion nature, Vansh maintains its cuisine philosophy, but the presentation of food naturally varies from tradition. The interior design mirrors this, re-wrapping the original sensuousness and colour of Indian cuisine with a modern, hip vibe. To suit the casual manner in which Vansh serves its food, a relaxed environment akin to a living room, instead of a traditional, formal dining space, was designed.

The folded ground plane and walls are articulated to form benches, seats and walkways, offering a literally flexible space in which the floor, wall, ceiling, seating and walkways are formed from and are experienced as one single surface. The folds direct attention to the show kitchen, conceiving an amphitheatre-like setting for guests watching the open performance in the kitchen. The colour of the diachronic glass hovering over the entire perimeter of the show kitchen changes throughout the night from golden red to purple and blue, adding to the sense of excitement and drama.

An overall mood of spiciness, warmth, romance and colour permeates the restaurant. Plush red fabrics and dark timber flooring adorn the venue, occasionally peeking through punctured openings in the grey textured wall. This blends into the cool, relaxed setting to culminate in a unique and multivalent experience.

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