Trendale Tower

Singapore新加坡 Private Residential Apartment私人住宅公寓 320 M²(1 unit ID)320 M² Interior Design室内设计 2000

Trendale Tower is an apartment building composed of interlocking double-storey apartments with private sky gardens. The interior renovation set out to maximise the use of space while creating a flexible, adaptable loft of transformable spaces with custom-designed furniture. The home was designed for modern living in the tropics.

Service areas comprising stair, kitchen, service room and AV equipment were consolidated into a central core. Sliding panels built around this core transformed the spaces in and around the kitchen bar area to reveal the other functions built into it.

A staircase was designed to move beyond mere function but also become a decorative art piece within the house. The living room is placed next to the sky garden balcony incorporating touches of intimacy.

Trendale Tower是一栋由层层相扣的双层公寓组成的建筑,每间公寓都附设私人空中花园。室内装修设计注重于尽量善用空间,同时利用定制家具,创造可灵活转变、适应各种用途的高层公寓。这样的家居是专为热带地区的现代生活而设的。



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Trendale Tower Trendale Tower Trendale Tower Trendale Tower Trendale Tower