Rang Mahal

Singapore新加坡 North Indian Restaurant餐厅 550 M² Interior Design室内设计 2000

Commissioned by the Hind Development, this award-winning contemporary fine-dining North Indian restaurant was designed to capture the experience and mood of being in the courtyard of a North Indian palace at night. The client, an Indian family with a strong base in Hong Kong, requested for feng shui principles to be combined here with a modern Indian aesthetic.

Sculptures set in pebbles and water greet guests at the entrance accessed by a wooden bridge over a small pool. Here, the experiential transition into an interior courtyard sculpture garden commences. Table lamps and wall niches illuminate the dining tables set in a sculpture garden. The sound of running water and dramatic mood lighting that emphasises the crafted perimeter wall heightens the senses to the new setting.

Contemporary materials are used alongside traditional materials to create a juxtaposition of modernity and tradition. The cool, sophisticated setting of woods and stone and fine contemporary art balances with delicious smells from an open kitchen which bring complex, spicy dishes of Rajasthan, Kashmir, and the Punjab.

我们受Hind Development集团的委托,设计这家屡获殊荣的现代高级北印度餐厅,以体现北印度宫廷庭院的夜间氛围。由于客户是常居于香港的印度家庭,对风水有相当的理解,因此他们要求餐厅在设计上结合风水元素和现代印度美学。



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Rang Mahal Rang Mahal Rang Mahal Rang Mahal