Kili Towers

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania坦桑尼亚 亚达累斯萨拉姆 Hotel & Service Apartments酒店&服务式公寓 50,000 M², 250 Rooms50,000 M², 250 间房 Architecture建筑设计 2008

A 16-storey mixed use development, this project was planned as an extension to an existing hotel, converted from underutilised parking lots to create greater value to its owner and the hotel.

The design takes cues from elements of the East African landscape, such as rock, earth and the conditions cultivating the beginnings of life. Textured concrete, the building material, represents slabs of rock shaped by the collision of tectonic ground plates. Weathering of the rock’s ‘cliff faces’ reveals the sedimentary layers in rock. Within the crevices emerging from erosion, plant life and fauna grow in better protected conditions. In the process of carving out spaces for human usage, balconies of the structure are twisted to give tapering, sculptural qualities to the 'outcrops'. Semi-structural mullions that hold up the glazing within the courtyards playfully hint at an archaeological dig site exposing fossilized remains.

The abstracted tectonic mass allows for expanses of green roofs, walls and balconies, transforming the building into a living green organism.




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Kili Towers Kili Towers Kili Towers Kili Towers Kili Towers Kili Towers