Arya Sky Villa

Mumbai, India印度孟買 Apartment Building公寓 12 units, Site Area: 1,429.885 M², GFA: 12,427.66 M²基地面积: 1,429.885 M², 容积率: 12,427.66 M², 12 间单位 Architecture建筑设计 2005-2010

This high-end residential development will set a new benchmark for luxury living in Mumbai, 12 exclusive units including three duplex units are designed around the concept of ‘villas in the sky’. With only one unit per floor, residents enjoy a private entry and the spacious and open feel of a villa.

Two different types of units are ‘stacked’ in a way to generate porosity to the massing and façade, creating an intricate volumetric play. The programmatic spaces of a residential unit are pulled apart and infilled with gardens and water features. Internal voids are carved out in the duplex units to enhance the quality of the interior space. Highly composed double-volume and triple-volume spaces provide grand living areas and dramatic outdoor terraces. Landscaped balconies surround the units on all sides to provide shade as well as the visual relief of greenery. The development also includes a commercial floor at the ground level and eight levels of parking.



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Arya Sky Villa Arya Sky Villa Arya Sky Villa