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Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia马来西亚 绿中海度假村 Restaurant餐厅 700 M², 84 seats700 M², 84 座位 Architecture & Interior Design建筑设计, 室内设计 2008-2010

Pangkor Laut Resort is located on the privately owned tropical island of Pangkor Laut 1.6 km off the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Its rocky outcrops and white sandy beaches are fringed by a beautiful rain forest.

The island runs exclusively as one resort. Working within this exclusivity, we added a mix and vibrancy turning the food and beverage experience into an interactive and sensory one.

Feast Village presents an integrated dining concept that allows guests to embark on a culinary tour of the world in one multi-faceted environment. Among the many culinary offerings are pavilions each serving a particular cuisine (Japanese, Western, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Malay, or Indian), rounded off with a patisserie, café and a wine cellar.

The concept of a restaurant is combined with that of an open kitchen/grocer’s market in which the restaurant doubles up as a ‘culinary academy’ between mealtimes. Guests participate in the preparation of meals under the guidance of the chef and kitchen crew as they learn about local produce, spices and culinary traditions. This knowledge makes their dining experience on the island more meaningful.

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绿中海度假村(Pangkor Laut Resort)坐落于距离马来西亚半岛西岸1.6公里的邦咯岛之上。邦咯岛是一个私人热带海岛,岛上一片美丽的热带雨林,簇拥着凹凸的岩层和细白的沙滩,环境美不胜收。


Feast Village呈献一种综合餐饮概念,让宾客在一个多元环境之中,体验世界美食。琳琅满目的美食置身于不同的亭阁里,每一个亭阁提供各国的特色佳肴(包括日本、欧美、中东、中国、马来西亚或印度),加上糕点店、咖啡厅和酒窖,组成全面的餐饮享受。


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YTL Feast Village YTL Feast Village YTL Feast Village