Singapore新加坡 Pop-Up Bar活动酒吧 47.25 M² Architecture建筑设计 2012

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World Architecture Festival moved its home from Barcelona to Asia, closer to the epicenter of the phenomenon impacting the world of architecture and design. Of all the dynamic Asian capitals, Singapore was selected to host the annual gathering of architects and building professionals at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Resort from 3rd – 5th October 2012. WOW’s Hospitality think tank enthusiastically accepted an invitation to design the WAF Bar 2012 sponsored by Rider Levett Bucknall.

Our inspiration came from the iconic Singapore bamboo blinds – or ‘Bamboo Chicks’ – used to screen our tropical city from the heat and rain of our equatorial climate. The blinds, which are used throughout Asia, have a distinctive striped paint tradition in Singapore associated with a time when life was laid back and the antidote to the heat was Pimm's or an ice-cold beer.”

Singapore’s Bold Black and White stripped painted bamboo blinds, are recognized globally as icons of the classic Singapore Black and White bungalow, which is now treasured and used for diplomatic venues such as embassies, foundations, clubs and institutions. The elegant striped palette has been present as an iconic image in contemporary Singapore design. We are rethinking and reusing the quintessential bamboo blind with a twist. The alternating color blinds are the graphic standards of the sponsor, blue and white creating a space that embodies the spatial experience of Bamboo Chicks.

For the bar, the bamboo blind was sliced into strips, pulled apart and articulated to permit the space to flow through the bamboo stripes. Like standing within a giant blind, the bar offers a linear dynamic space that is penetrable to allow visitors to walk through the bar’s porous perimeter.

2012年度的世界建筑节(WAF)从西班牙巴塞罗那迁移到亚洲举行,贴近前所未有地影响着全球建筑和设计发展的核心地域。在蓬勃发展的亚洲各国之中,新加坡获选为主办这个云集各国建筑师和建筑专业人士的年度盛会的城市。建筑节于2012年10月3日至5日期间在新加坡的其中一个地标——滨海湾金沙酒店举行,华纳黄设计•哇建筑设计的酒店设计智囊团感到万分荣幸,能够获邀请打造由利比有限公司(Rider Levett Bucknall)赞助的WAF Bar 2012。

我们的设计灵感来自对新加坡别具代表性的的竹卷帘(Bamboo Chicks)。这些竹卷帘在亚洲十分普遍,在新加坡,我们用它来遮挡赤道气候的炎热气温和雨水,而传统的竹卷帘更漆上独特的条纹色彩,象征着本地那一段靠Pimm’s果酒或冰凉啤酒来消暑的简朴时光。



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