Taj Vivanta Gurgaon

Gurgaon, India印度 古尔冈 Business Hotel商務酒店 200 rooms, 25,000 M²25,000 M², 200 间房 Architecture建筑设计 2007-2011

Another business and leisure hotel under the umbrella of the new Vivanta brand by Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces, this project resides in the city of Gurgaon, often dubbed the ‘face of new India’. Overlooked as a small town just a decade ago, Gurgaon has developed into an IT hub and a home to the offices of many MNCs, partly due to its proximity and connectivity to the national capital of New Delhi.

Vivanta by Taj – Gurgaon offers a high-end designer urban resort concept for local city dwellers. The Vivanta brand, positioned to offer a fresh, vivacious and stylish take on ‘cool luxury’, appeals to the cosmopolitan world-traveller synced into an immersive and sensory lifestyle. Upon entry, guests are greeted by a grand triple-height volume space in the lobby. To moderate the harsh climate swings between sweltering summers and cold winters, the design offers a series of spacious and breathtaking interior courtyards.

The façade is inspired by the jali, the latticed and perforated screen traditionally used in Indo-Islamic architecture to filter the sun’s glare, heat, and enable privacy. The architecture is designed to suggest a gradual unveiling of the internal spaces brought about by the unpeeling of layers of screens, starting from and through the façade. Skinning the building reveals the swimming pool, restaurant blocks and other public spaces behind.

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Vivanta by Taj – Gurgaon是泰姬酒店及度假集团(Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces)旗下的新品牌“Vivanta”的另一家商务及休闲酒店,坐落于有“新印度之窗”之称的城市——古尔冈。在十年前,古尔冈还是一个被忽略的小镇,但由于她与国家首都新德里距离相近、交通便利,因此在某程度上帮助了她发展成为今天的科技软件产业枢纽和跨国公司的办事处基地。



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