Vatika Mindscapes

Faridabad, India印度 法里达巴德 Office Park & Hotel Development办公园区及酒店发展 88,391 M² Architecture建筑设计 2007-2015

A new prototype for an IT park in North India, Vatika Mindscapes maximises landscape components to create a campus-like atmosphere on multiple levels. Unlike a typical office park development, this project folds the existing ground plane to create a double-layered ground plane for the green spaces, and tucking in commercial components into the fold in the earth to guard against extreme temperatures in Delhi. Coupled with this folded ground plane concept are sky gardens and terraces that provide breakout areas in the upper levels of the building, turning the structure into a vertical landscaped environment.

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位于印度北部的Vatika Mindscapes尽量利用景观元素在多层的结构之中创造校园的氛围,打造出新的科技园原型。这个项目与典型的办公园区不同,它把现有的地平面折叠起来,创建一个种植了绿色植物的双层地平面,并把商业部分收藏于底层,以避免德里的极端温差影响日常活动。这个折叠地平面的概念与空中花园和露台并驾齐驱,后者让大楼高层拥有开放的户外休憩范围,使建筑结构成为垂直的园林环境。

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Vatika Mindscapes Vatika Mindscapes Vatika Mindscapes