Traders Hotel

Singapore新加坡 Hotel Rooms, Suites & Club Lounge酒店客房,套房及行政酒廊 540 Rooms540 间房 Interior Design室内设计 2004-2005

The renovation within Traders Hotel was designed to attract a changing demographic of travellers, including younger business travellers, Asian tourists, women and retired Europeans. A strategic design approach aiming to achieve radical resource productivity, waste reduction and cost effective replacement was integrated with a palette of contemporary high quality materials inspired by the tradition of trade and travel.

Custom-designed furniture minimises impact on limited floor space through adaptations of point loading and cantilevered millwork. Warm materials such as walnut, ebony, onyx and chenille offer visual suggestions of the tactile experience they offer. Paintings and sculptures are focal points for lighting to radiate colour and form.

Innovations in design were achieved through a rigorous evaluation of every element, which included thorough testing and prototyping of furniture and materials.

The hotel rooms are lined with a neutral colour palette overlaid with gem tones for a sophisticated ambiance. Design was driven by principles of long term sustainability, through the reduction of replaceable elements. Millwork was developed through prototyping and 1:1 detailing, challenging conventional assumptions about materials and details in durable resilient rooms. Resource optimisation was achieved through the reduction of curtain layers, bedcovers, upholstery, and the integration of furniture functions into the mini-bar, TV cabinet and luggage rack.

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