The Wellness Lounge

Singapore新加坡 Full Service Aesthetic Spa美容水疗 279 M² Interior Design室内设计 2006

The Wellness Lounge is a provocative response to the tropical spa archetype found throughout urban Singapore. Challenging ideals of natural beauty, the Wellness Lounge is an urbane beauty realm offering futuristic technology for rejuvenation, weight management and surgical intervention. It employs the iconography of futurism as presented in the 1960’s cult film 2001: A Space Odyssey, combined with bourgeois icons of elegance and beauty, to create a realm of ‘Kubrick Baroque’.

Devoid of wild and natural qualities associated with most alternative treatments in Singapore’s mainstream spas, the synthetic realm focuses on elegant use of materials such as cut crystal, French lace and Baroque furniture set in stark contrast against the backdrop of a sleek white laboratory. The Wellness Lounge evokes the future of beauty as a pure and perfect realm of light, a promising prelude to the beauty treatment itself.

The neutral, white-on-white theme and juxtaposition of transparency and reflection in materials heighten awareness of the self. The design prompts its audience to be aware of what defines beauty and wellness; the ‘perfection’ of the look of their place of treatment reflects the ‘perfect’ treatment results they hope for.

There are four main areas: Reception, Treatment, Changing and Relaxation Lounge. A luminous reception area is defined by a floating marble counter. This dramatic facade engages with the public passage during working hours. The waiting lounge and consultation rooms are defined by diaphanous screens made of French lace silk-screened onto glass, tulle, leather and a gold moiré fabric embedded in a resin panel. Treatment rooms are fitted with customized light, temperature and music systems concealed behind a ceiling panel that protects the client from direct light and air-conditioning. Individual changing and bath areas offer luxurious intimacy.

The relaxation lounge is fitted with LED lights that transform the otherwise white granite void with chromatic therapeutic light. The colour of the space changes from magenta to fuchsia, indigo and chartreuse in a cycle set to each client’s period of stay.

在现代化的新加坡,大部分水疗中心都采用一种热带设计原型,而The Wellness Lounge希望重新审视这个方向,创造不一样的设计类型。The Wellness Lounge是一个精致优雅的美丽境界,提供活肤美疗、体重管理和整形手术的最新技术,追求理想的自然美。在设计上,我们采用了1960年代的非主流电影《2001太空漫游》里的未来主义意象,结合典雅秀丽的优质享受象征,打造出“库布里克的巴洛克式”世界。

这个综合多种设计元素的美容空间完全舍弃了新加坡的主流水疗中心在进行替代疗法时所广泛采用的原始自然本色,转而强调优雅地使用材料的重要性,包括切割仿水晶、法国蕾丝以及与亮白的实验室形成强烈对比的巴洛克式家具。The Wellness Lounge是一个纯净完美的光影境界,体现着美容技术的未来,在进行美疗程序前给予客户信心和希望。

中性的纯白色主调色彩,加上并列的透明和反射性材料,都提高了客户的自我意识。设计提醒着客户去思考美丽和健康的定义:治疗场所的“完美” 外观,反映出客户希望达到的“完美”治疗效果。



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The Wellness Lounge The Wellness Lounge The Wellness Lounge The Wellness Lounge The Wellness Lounge The Wellness Lounge The Wellness Lounge