The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Singapore新加坡 Private Medical Clinic私人医疗诊所 186 M² Interior Design室内设计 2004

The machine precision and handcraftsmanship of a fine sports car inspired the design of the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. These are qualities the client, a renowned plastic surgeon, values and espouses in his work, challenging conventional perceptions of physical perfection through technological innovation in handcraftsmanship. Likewise, the clinic’s design reflects the patients’ desire to achieve an ideal of Asian beauty through wellness and enhancement powered by technology with surgical precision.

The clinic was commissioned to facilitate the performance of physical enhancements whilst providing high profile patients with intimacy and exclusivity. Transparency and reflection are juxtaposed against illusion and mystery, simultaneously revealing yet concealing the occupant of a given area.

The space is defined by a series of parallel steel-edged wall planes made of materials selected for their technological, industrial and aesthetic properties such as glass, fibreglass, steel and lacquer. The walls incorporate lighting, ventilation and storage, and slice through the main body of space to create private waiting areas. All materials are developed with machine precision to a smooth and integrated form like an injection-moulded component. Custom lighting design provides a rich yet full effect crucial to the colour rendition of skin. The colour in the waiting and public areas is a platinum opalescent spray lacquer while the treatment rooms are lined in pale buff ribbed wallpaper evocative of lingerie and flesh.

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic的设计灵感来自名贵跑车的加工精度和手艺。我们的客户是一位著名的整形外科医生,需要利用在外科技艺上的创新技术,挑战对完美体态的传统观念。因此,他特别重视和拥护工作上的准确度和手艺。同样地,诊所的设计反映出病人希望通过手术精确度的技术性发展,带来健康和改善,实现亚洲人的理想美态。



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The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic