Tata Square

Gurgaon, India印度 古尔冈 Commercial, Hospitality, Residential商业,酒店,住宅 105,870 M² Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape总体规划, 建筑设计, 室内设计, 园景设计 2011-2015

The challenge for this mixed-use development was to create a landmark destination and genuine public space in a city that is devoid of any and provide a pleasurable outdoor experience in what is typically a harsh desert-like climate in Northern India. The centerpiece of this development is an outdoor shopping street that is visually and spatially unlike any retail development.

Our inspiration for the space is based on the Indian bazaar that is experientially rich, nonhierarchical, and full of life. The loose stacking and shifting of boxes results in a dynamic aggregation of boxes. Whether from the south front or from the office tower down, the experience of the external architecture will be dynamic and ever-changing.

The shifting and overlapping also creates a variety of large and intimate spaces. The outdoor terraces created by the shifting are linked throughout by stairs and bridges form a continuous pedestrian experience not unlike taking a stroll up a medieval castle or hike up a rock formation. The varied orientation also allows for increased visibility of the storefronts. Lastly, the cantilevering of the boxes provide essential sun-shading. Canopies, landscapes, and misters allows creation of micro-climate that further lowers the outdoor temperature at the critical times to enable an outdoor experience during the day and night.

Connecting to this retail mass is a 30-story tower that is itself an aggregation of boxes. In the case of the tower, the various blocks are representative of the different programs: retail, office space, hospitality and residential spaces. Combined with the podium, the development has all the key components of a self-sustaining community, combining residential, commercial, services, shopping and entertainment.





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