Shangri-La Chengdu Café Z
成都香格里拉大酒店 CAFÉ Z

Chengdu, China中国 成都 Restaurant酒店餐厅 330 Seats330 座位 Interior Design室内设计 2007-2009

The concept of a world café that offers guests and the food-loving Chengdu population a window to other cuisines is expressed through the design of a food street. Each zone of the restaurant is designed around a particular cultural experience.

Café Z, an all-day dining open kitchen restaurant, serves 593 guest rooms as well as users of 26 service apartments in a complex attached to the hotel. It draws the local population in Chengdu because of the added variety to the existing food culture offerings to Chengdu that is neither Sichuan in nature nor readily available.

An Arabic souk at the entrance offers a retail experience coupled with the rich aroma of Arabic coffee, just before one arrives in a section serving Middle Eastern and South Mediterranean cuisine. The show kitchen is organised around an Arabic oven out of which come fresh breads accompanied by mezze prepared on the spot. Progressing on, one side of the street immerses the guest in sushi and raw foods, while in stark contrast on the other side, South American Churrascaria offers hearty roasts. Subsequent zones present Chinese cuisine in the form of dim sum stations from various parts of China, a noodle station of noodles from all over world, and an international array of dessert.

The purpose of the design was to elevate fresh produce, ingredients and food offerings to the level of design elements through engaging presentation. With the physical design subservient to the food displays, the food rather than furnishings becomes the focus for guests.

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全天营业的Café Z是一家设有开放式厨房的餐厅,为酒店593间客房的住客和综合大楼的26间服务式公寓的住户提供餐饮服务。餐厅吸引到当地居民光顾,因为它为成都现有的餐饮种类增添了非来自四川的罕见选择。



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Shangri-La Chengdu Café Z