Rendezvous Hotel

Singapore新加坡 Urban Hotel城市酒店 199 Rooms, 20,000 M²20,000 M², 199 间房 Interior Design室内设计 2010-2011

Having recently moved its Headquarters from Australia to Singapore, Rendezvous Hotel commissioned the firm to create branding and technical guidelines establishing minimum requirements for its new properties. Based on these guidelines, the guest experience is to be designed as a spatial experience inspired by the concept of ‘Asian Elegance’, with two governing factors: order and hierarchy. Spaces are to follow a clear order of layered sequence and hierarchical definition. A guest’s movement from one space to another should be structured as an experiential journey through screens, niches and vestibules. The entire space is revealed slowly through carefully choreographed layers of spaces, through a guest’s movement and changes in vantage point. The palette is a blend of simple, clean line, modern design with a hint of tradition by use of material, pattern, motifs, carpentry details, proportions and artworks.

The client then called for a refurbishment in its Singapore hotel that would refresh its image and business. The objective was to leverage on its superb position in the heart of the civic, commercial, arts and cultural district of Singapore to recapture a significant portion of business clientele and increased tourist and local pedestrian traffic.

The existing hotel comprises a heritage wing and a ten-year-old hotel block edition in need of refreshing, in order that its food & beverage and retail offerings may be improved, and hotel facilities upgraded. Our concept revitalises the central heritage courtyard to become an indoor-outdoor conservatory to serve as an urban catalyst and urban garden for the hotel and commercial activities around it. The outcome is envisaged to turn the space into a lifestyle destination of its own, attracting hip and happening retail, restaurant and other lifestyle shop tenants around this conservatory courtyard.

The courtyard space will be naturally ventilated and environmentally pleasant without the use of air-conditioning now ubiquitous in indoor spaces in Singapore. The physical design of the roof creates a stack effect which encourages vertical air circulation to result in passive cooling; warmer air rises and escapes through the top, reducing the pressure and drawing in cooler air at the base of the building.

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新加坡龙都大酒店(Rendezvous Hotel)最近刚把总部从澳大利亚搬到新加坡,因此委托华纳黄设计•哇建筑设计为其创新企业品牌形象和订立技术指导原则,以确保新的酒店达到一致性的最低要求。以次序和层次这两大元素,我们创造出以“亚洲风雅”为概念的空间体验,给予住客不一样的住宿体会。在这里,空间的设计按清晰明确的分层顺序和层次定义而行。住客从一个空间往另一个空间移动时,会经历一趟由屏风、壁龛和门廊构成的体验之旅。住客在移动和转换视线时,将慢慢地一层一层掀开精心编排的空间。在用色方面,主色调融合了简洁流畅的线条和现代的设计,并通过采用各种材料、花纹、图案、木工细节、比例和艺术品,隐约散发出一丝传统风韵。




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