Prithvi Raj Road House

New Delhi, India印度 新德里 Private Residence私人住宅 1,200 M² (4 clustered bungalows)1,200 M² (4 聚集的平房) Architecture, Interior & Landscape Design建筑设计, 室内设计, 园景设计 2000-2004

Designed for an extended family of brothers, this compound of four houses is located in an exclusive area of New Delhi, Lutyen’s Delhi, named after the British architect whose master planning and architectural work was influential in the area in the early 1900s. The design observes Vastu principles and responds to Lutyen’s Delhi’s colonial heritage by proposing a modern interpretation of the neo-Classical and India’s Mughal architectural styles.

The four houses are organised within a system of increasingly sequestered courtyards, creating zones of publicness and privacy that simultaneously enrich and protect the family’s lifestyle. The entry courtyards, outdoor gardens and lawns represent the family’s public face for entertainment and for receiving guests. Within the house, the bedrooms and family living areas are organised around inner courtyards, water fountains and sculpture galleries that constitute a more private zone within the residence. Light, texture and a sensitive framing of views are design elements used to transition seamlessly between the courtyards.

Central to the four houses in the most sequestered part of the compound is the family’s private entertainment and wellness garden where the swimming pool, spa and gymnasium are located.

Each of the four houses is designed to the specific requirements and tastes of the brothers. All share a modern sensibility, but differ in their richly diverse preferences for artwork and artifacts within the collectively extensive family collection.

这个由四兄弟的四间房子组成的院子位于新德里的“勒琴斯德里” 专属区,该处以英国著名建筑师勒琴斯为名,以表扬他在20世纪初为当地的总体规划和建筑工作发挥重大的影响。院子的设计按照印度风水学“Vastu”的原则而行,并回应了“勒琴斯德里”的殖民地历史,以现代方法诠释新古典主义和印度的莫卧儿王朝建筑风格。




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Prithvi Raj Road House Prithvi Raj Road House Prithvi Raj Road House Prithvi Raj Road House Prithvi Raj Road House Prithvi Raj Road House Prithvi Raj Road House Prithvi Raj Road House Prithvi Raj Road House Prithvi Raj Road House Prithvi Raj Road House