Pok Fu Lam House

Hong Kong香港 Private Residence私人住宅 929 M² Architecture & Interior Design建筑设计, 室内设计 2004

A contemporary townhouse designed around the daily rituals of a multigenerational family of Indian industrialists embracing modern life simultaneously integrates traditions of prayer, entertainment, business and festivities.

Two houses sharing a common wall and with main entrances facing the same direction were unified into one. The main dining and living rooms were designed as one space, to focus their views towards the front Indian courtyard garden.

The two distinct main entrances differentiate major functions taking place in the house and streamline processes and traffic between family members and guests.

The living space has a monolithic quality that appears to be carved out from granite slabs and finished with sand textured walls and timber jali, sliding screens that partition rooms. The client’s custom silver filigree lighting inspired by Rajasthan silver evokes the mysterious qualities of a North Indian Palace courtyard at night.




整体统一的生活空间看起来有如是从花岗岩石板里雕刻出来一样,以有沙质感觉的墙壁作最后修饰,再以木质滑动屏风“Jali” 分隔房间内的空间。在晚上,屋主那取材自拉贾斯坦邦的白银的定制银丝照明设计,散发着北印度宫廷庭院的神秘气质。

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Pok Fu Lam House Pok Fu Lam House Pok Fu Lam House Pok Fu Lam House Pok Fu Lam House Pok Fu Lam House Pok Fu Lam House