Mega Kuningan Towers

Jakarta, Indonesia印度尼西亚 雅加达 Mixed-use Commercial & Residential Development复合式住商发展 185,338 M² Master Planning & Architecture总体规划, 建筑设计 2011-2016

We were driven by our mission to create a genuine public place in what is otherwise an anti-pedestrian streetscape along the Mega Kuningan Circle, in the heart of Jakarta's Golden Triangle. Our objectives for the site design were as follows: 1) Create an outdoor public destination on Mega Kuningan for gathering, relaxation, & dining; 2) Implement a pedestrian-friendly design that allows easy connections and access into the site, while ensuring proper security measures; 3) Self-sustaining development with a mixed-use program to encourage residents and workers to stay and enjoy within site.

Working within the limits of the Urban Design Guidelines, we were able to create a mixed-used typology unique to Jakarta, featuring a significant public zone that includes a sunken plaza and raised retail podium. These features allow for maximum pedestrian and visual connectivity. A green pedestrian belt along the street frontage further softens the street edge to create a development that is porous, public, and pedestrian-friendly.

Architecturally, the office tower features a contemporary, high-performance facade that is also elegant and timeless. The primary façade material will be a unitized curtain wall with high-performance IGU. The chamfered corners reveal an environmental "slit" that works like gills in allowing the building to breathe, naturally and mechanically. The skin is delaminated to reveal the exterior envelope like a piece of clothing wrapping the body.150mm-deep vertical fins at the typical curtain wall to accentuate verticality and provide further sun-shading.

为实现我们的目标,我们致力于雅加达的“金三角区”心脏地带的Mega Kuningan Circle环形交叉路口创造一个真正的公共场所,以改善不利于行人的街道环境。我们对场地设计的目标如下:1)在Mega Kuningan区创造一个户外的公共目的地,让公众聚会和用餐,并渡过休闲时光;2)在确保保安措施适当实行的情况下,执行一个有利于行人的设计,让行人可以方便快捷地穿梭于场地和其他地方之间;3)实现可独立维持的综合性项目计划,以鼓励居民和上班族留在场地范围内,享用场地的设施。



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