Le Meridien Guangzhou

GUANGZHOU, CHINA中国 广州 HOTEL酒店 35,000 M², 320 ROOMS35,000 平方米,320间客房 INTERIOR DESIGN室内设计 2016 - 2019

The golden age of Guangzhou, early 20th century, is represented by the rich historical culture of the elegant Xiguan Lady (West Gate) and influential Dongshan Gentleman (East Hill). Local traditions evolve with the influx of western cultures, mainly by trading. Textile and fashion related businesses such as fabric mills, dye house and tailoring became one of the main trades in Guangzhou.

The interior design of this hotel narrates from 2 different perspectives, the lifestyle connoisseur and the designer. This is demonstrated by the 2 guestroom designs, one being structured and the other being exquisite. Curated artworks and accessories speak about the owner’s core business: fashion.

The experience of the hotel begins with the design main lobby, which is inspired by the sea route trade into Guangzhou harbor. The lobby lounge terraces upwards into cigar bar where guests see and to be seen. Various types of spaces are created throughout the hotel for fashion runway shows.

Weaving looms, strings and pins express the fundamental element of fashion: Fabric. By magnifying the layering and crisscrossing of thread to create fabric, the design of the Chinese restaurant elevates the concept of fabric into art.


The swimming pool and gym of the hotel takes on the character of an industrial chic dye house. Copper pipes and shafts create the sweatshop experience.






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