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The Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore新加坡 Service Apartments服务式公寓 26 Units, 2,947 M²2,947 M², 26 单位 Interior Design室内设计 2008-2009

At the heart of the warehouse district along the Singapore River, one finds numerous high-style urban loft apartments restored from disused industrial space. Similarly, La Residenza itself is a former double-height ballroom over the lobby of the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel retrofitted into an enclave of urban lofts. The first serviced suites to be introduced by a hotel in Singapore, 19 urban loft apartments with views of the Singapore River and skyline beyond meet the demands of younger, discerning long stay guests, with a separate reception, lobby, lounge area and gym to reinforce the exclusivity of this hotel within a hotel.

The apartments are organised around a living area and a spacious home office that transforms into a kitchen. In the home office, a marble work bench doubles up as a kitchen counter when the sliding folding kitchen panels are drawn. Against an ivory palette, this space is decorated with larger than life black-and-white aerial collages of the Singapore River. The photos’ presence transcends the loft’s placement in the hotel and roots its identity to the edge of the urban riverside district associated with restored warehouse buildings converted to offices, restaurants and clubs.

Beyond the living room, light-filled bedrooms share the same serene colour palette and four-metre high windows reinforce the loft-like airy feeling and give dramatic framed vistas of the river. Austere yet pristine quality of the space highlights the urban experience.

The apartments stand in stark contrast to the opulent hotel and dynamic pace of the city and the neighbouring clubbing district. Each suite provides a sense of visual and sensual harmony and recalls an actual home. Corridor portals celebrate the entrance to each, marking the transition from public to a private space.

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在新加坡河沿岸的仓库区中央地段,不少以往的工业用房被翻新成为高格调的都市阁楼公寓,组成一个时尚优雅的住宅区。位于那里的La Residenza也是经过翻新整修而成,其前身是国敦河畔大酒店大堂之上的双层舞厅,经改造后成为了一座都市阁楼公寓。La Residenza是新加坡第一个由酒店推出的服务式公寓系列,19间都市阁楼公寓眺望着新加坡河及远处天际线的景色,能够符合品味高尚、年纪较轻的长期住客所需。La Residenza设有独立的接待处、大堂、休闲区和健身房,以加强这家酒店内的独特豪华个性。




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