IREO Victory Valley
IREO 胜利谷

Gurgaon, India印度 古尔冈 High Rise Residential Development高层住宅 24.61 Acres, 762 Apartment Units24.61 英亩, 762 间私宅单位 Master Plannning, Architecture & Landscape Design总体规划, 建筑设计, 室内设计, 园景设计 2009-2016

Comprising townhouses and high-rise residential towers, this 25-acre development will boast the tallest residential tower in North India, the 50-storey Victory Tower.

Located in the agricultural outskirts of Delhi, Gurgaon is transforming into a metropolis. With developments taking over productive farmland, the project seeks to encourage landscape replenishment through gardening in high-rise residential living. Existing farm grids were mapped as planning formulations onto the site and extruded based on the programmatic brief requirements to become ‘vertical residential farmlands’. Further integrating the landscape, an abstracted graphic representation of the rhythm of modern urban life in India was combined with that of the nearby Aravalli Mountain Range. The resulting profile breaks the monotony of regular high-rises and undulates organically with a rigour resonant of its vibrant, evolving context.

Extruded agricultural land plots form a mosaic of roof gardens and extruded rectangular plot rows form planter boxes at every residential unit. As a way of giving back, the total area of the planter boxes is planned to equate to the farmland area overtaken by the development.

Appearing throughout the development are ‘tree columns’, structures influenced by ornate columns in Indian temples that comprise shrubs and trees elevated by column structures from the ground to the rooftops. They enable tree planting at high levels, extending and celebrating the floating landscapes in the sky. They are often marked on the ground by ornate Jhula swings, which evoke memories that heighten the contextual landscape experience. Different tower and mid-riser heights cater to deeper planting pits for trees at the rooftop, contributing to the overall undulating profile. The undulation extends to the contoured Valley, which contrasts with the high-rise nature of the development to incorporate a naturalistic sense of scale.

这个占地25公顷的项目由联排别墅和高层住宅大楼组成,其中楼高50层的“Victory Tower”将成为印度北部最高的住宅大楼。



在整个发展项目中,随处可见的“树状柱”是受印度寺庙里装饰华丽的柱子所启发的结构,分别由从地面到屋顶的一般柱体结构和它们上面的灌木和乔木组成。“树状柱” 把树木升高至屋顶之上,让植树可以在高楼层进行,使翠绿轻盈的景观可以伸展到半空之中,歌颂对绿色生态的赞美。在地面上,我们把这些柱子做成印度传统的“Jhula”秋千的一部分,让人联想起以往的回忆,加深对环境背景的体会。不同的高层和中层建筑物的屋顶上设有深入的植树箱,形成整体的波状外形。在视觉上,起伏的轮廓延伸至延绵不断的山谷,与项目的高层发展性质相映成趣,体现自然的比例感。

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IREO Victory Valley IREO Victory Valley IREO Victory Valley IREO Victory Valley IREO Victory Valley IREO Victory Valley IREO Victory Valley