Carlton Hotel Singapore

Singapore新加坡 Hotel Rooms酒店客房 600 Rooms600 间房 Interior Design室内设计 2012-2013

Revisiting the challenge of sustainable hotel room design for the next decade, the Carlton Hotel renovation challenged us to integrate guests’ wishes for a more connected and home-like environment. Targeted at a wide demographic ranging from young adult airline crew to executive business travellers and retired leisure guests. The traditional hotel room was replaced with an open concept studio space incorporating the live, work and sleeping environments and maximizing the sense of connect- edness with the physical context of the site adjacent to the cultural dis- tricts of Bras Basar and Fort Canning Park.

The traditional hotel room in which the bathroom area is an internal mechanically ventilated dark area was replaced with an open plan work and leisure room in which the areas designated for bathroom vanity, dressing and minibar are open and naturally illuminated. Rethinking the workspace to maximise video conferencing and create a lounging work area rather than the traditional wall facing work space. 




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Carlton Hotel Singapore Carlton Hotel Singapore Carlton Hotel Singapore Carlton Hotel Singapore