Al Barari

Dubai, UAE阿拉伯联合酋长国 迪拜 Cultural, Civic and Residential Community市民文化住宅小区 500,000 M² Master Planning & Architecture总体规划, 建筑设计 2008 - 2009

In this groundbreaking planned community, leisure, resort and residential components are woven together by a design theme that tells the story of Islam through the ages, from the Alhambra originating in the IX century in Granada, through Persia, India and to Southeast Asia.

Thematically environmental, the project focuses on water as a precious resource and proposes its abundant use in planning this community to showcase effective water management in the desert environment.

The development makes reference to the architectural heritage of Middle Eastern cultures. Most significantly, it contemporises certain urban and non-urban typologies: the entire project is bordered by a living wall comprising commercial, lifestyle and landscape elements.

Running through the site is a living waterway that not only serves as a thematic spine for the project but is also an environmental engineering armature that provides passive cooling and recycling for water resources.

The team also set out to redefine the meaning of simple luxury and the luxury of living in the desert by providing high-end, unique homes and affordable, well-conceived and well-designed dwellings for the residents of the complex. The extreme range of dwelling types, from large villas in the sky to efficient studio-type apartments within garden settings, combined with hospitality, lifestyle and commercial elements and environmental technology, makes this a model community for Dubai.






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