Gurgaon, India印度 古尔冈 Residential住宅 363,000 M², 382 UNITS363,000 平方米,382 个单位 Master Planning, Architecture, Interior & Landscape Design总体规划、 建筑、 室内及景观设计 2014-2018

In dry and green starved Gurgaon, it was a natural response to create a garden oasis with the site. To extrapolate this concept further, and to create a green sustainable architecture, a reference to Indian mythology in the form of The Tree of Life is used to articulate a building form that functions like a living organism.

It collects solar energy through panels mounted in the upper canopy, collects rainwater, irrigates the suspended gardens in its mid reaches, and stores excess in underground tanks and bio remediation ponds in the landscaping. From the gardens spring pavilions designed as dew collectors. In the confluence of humid air and cool morning temperatures especially in the autumn, winter and spring months, moisture is collected and stored.

The tree of life is the Central form composed of 3 towers. The rings of lower towers that arc around it are lesser trees that have similar functions. The resultant inner garden contains recreational facilities and a residents club for social and communal activities.




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